Upcoming movement of collections/services

ChangeIn preparation for the major construction project, many Library service points and some collections will move. A summary of the changes is below:

2-Story Building (Curriculum Lab, Map and Imagery Laboratory, Government Information Center, Interlibrary Loan, Group Commons, Building Operations, Digitization): Closes on July 9.

Building Operations: Will move on July 1 to a shared office with the CSO/Police, on the first floor adjacent to the Library exhibition.

Construction Fence: Will be erected in late August.

Curriculum Lab: The help desk and retained collection will relocate on July 8 to the second floor (south side of 4-story building), adjacent to the Ethnic and Gender Studies Library.

Digitization: Will move on July 3 near to the receiving room/loading dock on the first floor.

East Entrance: Closes on June 17 for the duration of the project.

Government Information Center (GIC): A small number of government documents will be retained and moved on July 8 to the same area as the Curriculum Lab on the second floor (see above). Questions about government documents can be directed to any help desk in the Library.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL): Office will be relocated on June 25 to the third floor.  Online ILL request services will continue to be accessible 24/7.

Map and Imagery Laboratory (MIL): The service desk and retained collection will move on over the course of June 25- 27 to a new location in the southwest corner of the first floor. Some maps, most atlases, and some of the film and fiche collection will remain on site. The remaining material will be moved to the Library Annex and will be retrievable by request.

Microfilm/fiche: Some microfilm/fiche, along with upgraded readers-scanners, will be relocated in early July to the second floor, in the area between the 4-story and the 8-story buildings.

Sciences-Engineering Library (SEL): A core collection of reference materials, recent monographs and serials, and information of local interest will remain on the second floor in the 8-story part of the Library. The remainder of the SEL collection will move offsite starting June 18; requests for this material can be made through ILL.